The Reverie Gallery

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  • Located on the 1st floor
  • Approximately 15,000 square feet
  • Ceiling height: 14’
  • The space features one-of-a-kind salvaged shipping containers repurposed into a bar, restrooms, and an entryway to event
  • Custom-designed “Steampunk” inspired chandelier
  • Hand-crafted cedar bench seating/“VIP” area
  • Large windows and copious amounts of natural light
  • Capacity:
    o Up to 350 Seated
    o Up to 700 Cocktail Reception

Winter rates and daytime rates are available.

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  • The space itself is beyond 5 stars. It couldn't get any better. I had my wedding reception here and it fit 300 people with a good sized dance floor in the middle. The space was always changing and that was one of the awesome things about it. During the wedding and after, we have began consistently told that it was the coolest venue to have a reception in.

    Caitrin M.
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